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Report shows the surprisingly important size of research-performing SMEs sector in Europe

date of publication > 18-October-2012

A recent report commanded by the European Commission advocates for a strong support to R&D-performing SMEs, revealing the important role that they already play in the economic recovery and the significant size of the sector.
The report entitled EU SMEs in 2012: at a crossroad,brings to light the fact that small businesses active in technology-intensive sectors are weathering the current economic crisis better than their low-tech counterparts and boosting the economy.
According to the study, SMEs in the sector of knowledge-intensive services account for as much as 20.9% of the total of small businesses, while small companies in the high-tech and medium-tech manufacturing sectors represent a total of 238,851 enterprises in the EU. Far from being a simple niche, the sector embodies a surprisingly large number of European businesses, which also fulfil a key role in the European economy. A clear correlation between economic growth and the number of innovative and high-tech SMEs in each EU member state is demonstrated by the report.
This conclusion of the study together with the high figures associated with the size of the sector in the European economy demonstrate the importance of pan-European funding programmes such as Eurostars, the first European funding and support programme to be specifically dedicated to research-performing SMEs.
Next week the EU Commission’s directorate general for industry and entrepreneurship will unveil an EU-wide plan to boost entrepreneurialism, described by Commissioner Antonio Tajani as ‘the most ambitious action plan to boost entrepreneurship that Europe has ever seen.’