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EUREKA continues its action to foster Innovation in the food sector

date of publication > 02-November-2012

EUREKA’s long-running Food Tech action has as its core objective the development of high-tech projects in the food and agriculture sectors. The projects launched as part of its action are financed by the funding agencies taking part in the EUREKA Network.
Now entering its final phase, the group of private and public sector representatives behind the EUREKA Food Tech action has identified no less than 150 technological solutions that represent a similar number of potential projects to be funded through the EUREKA scheme.
Through EUREKA’s funding instruments the research and development budgets of 40 European countries and the European Commission will be put to contribution in this major R&D effort. The innovative technological projects to be developed within the Food Tech action will be both international, involving industry and academic partners from several different EUREKA member countries, and inter-disciplinary, mobilising the knowledge of specialists from the food sector but also experts in manufacturing and Internet and Communication Technologies (ICT).
EUREKA is also closely collaborating with FoodManufuture, an initiative of the European Commission. The FoodManufuture project is performing a conceptual study to provide the basis for decision making for a European food/manufacturing research infrastructure.