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Eurostars project helps two IT SMEs compete at world class level

date of publication > 08-November-2012

To many experts in all things Internet, the next revolution will come not from another Facebook but from hardware. In this technological A few European start-ups and small companies are showing the way forward and German SME Goepel is one of them. In the frame of a project funded by the Eurostars Programme, COMBOARD, and together with the Estonian company Testonica, they just developped a new to test for input/ output (I/O) devices. In computing,  I/O is the communication between a computer and the outside world, possibly a human or another information processing system.

The reference in the area is the interface developped jointly by Intel and Apple called Thunderbolt. Thunderbolt's bit rate, or speed, is of 10 Gbit/s. The new system developped as part of the Eurostars COMBOARD project should allow for the development of I/O devices with a link speed of more than 40 Gbit/s.