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European Commission proposes the continuation of the Eurostars Programme

date of publication > 14-January-2013

The European Commission published its roadmap for the continuation of the Eurostars Programme. The executive body of the European Institutions clearly stated its support to the continuation of the Eurostars Programme, the only European funding programme specially dedicated to RD-intensive small and medium-sized companies (SMEs), on the basis of an interim report it qualified as very positive. The Commission has proposed in this document to develop an integrated approach to involve small businesses involved in research, including the Eurostars Programme and the so-called new SME instrument, to be launched in 2014.

Both funding instruments will be part of the Horizon 2020 scheme, the largest funding initiative for research and innovation in the world. The Eurostars Programme however is mainly financed through National funds and benefits from locally-based, language fluent contacts.


Funding rules within the Eurostars Programme are adapted to economic conditions in the countries of each participating company or research institute. But one of the objectives of the Eurostars Programme is also the synchronization of national funding programmes and rules in order to harmonize conditions for researchers and innovative entrepreneurs all over Europe. By the end of the programme, the same funding rules for SMEs should be used by at least 75% of Eurostars countries' national R&D programmes.

Eurostars also successfully delivers financial benefits for project participants and growth for employment in the research and innovation sectors. Three years after the end of each project, for each million euro of public funding invested the turnover of the participants should increase by at least € 10 million euro and at least 25 new jobs should be created.