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ITEA 2 opens its eighth Call for projects on 19 March 2013

date of publication > 07-February-2013

ITEA 2, the EUREKA Cluster for software technologies, supports innovative and pre-competitive R&D projects. As a EUREKA Cluster programme, its approach is intergovernmental, bottom-up and industry-driven. ITEA 2 is open to partners from large industrial companies and SMEs, research institutes and universities, as well as profit and non-profit user organisations.

A two-day brokerage event, the ITEA 2 Project Outline Preparation Days 2013,  is organised in Istanbul on 19 a 20 March 2013. In short, this meeting enables attendees to:
  • Receive general information on ITEA 2 and the project call process;
  • Present ideas in a poster session and an elevator pitch;
  • Discuss and brainstorm about project ideas in workgroup sessions; and
  • Contact other interested international parties/potential partners. 

Participation is free of charge and open to all those with an interest in our eighth Call. If you are interested in participating in this event, please fill in the online registration form
Note: your registration is only complete when we have received and processed your signed NDA

Online Project Idea Tool
You can upload and share your project idea via the online project idea tool (login with your MyITEA account needed). To be able to view the project ideas of others, you will need to first sign and upload an NDA. For your convenience you can download AND upload your personal NDA here. Please make sure to sign this document manually. 

As soon as you have uploaded and we have processed the signed document, you will be granted access to all Call 8 project ideas. 

In case you have any questions concerning the event and/or registration, don't hesitate to contact the ITEA 2 Office at info@itea2.org