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2013 EUREKA Innovation Award finalists unveiled

date of publication > 21-March-2013

The three finalists of the prestigious EUREKA Innovation Award were revealed during the last EUREKA network meetings in Kayseri Turkey, gathering innovation agencies from 40 European countries. They are 100GET, a project funded through the EUREKA telecoms cluster CELITC, a technology specific instrument,  AlienVault ESC and EUROENVIRON OMIM, two EUREKA individual projects.

 The  EUREKA  Innovation  Award  was  introduced  by  the  Portuguese  Chairmanship  of  EUREKA. In  line  with  the  theme  of  the  Turkish  ChairmanshipCo-opetitive Innovation, the EUREKA Innovation Award 2013 will be delivered to a project consortium composed of competitors, where the product of research has been introduced in more than one country. 35 eligible projects were submitted and the winner will be announced on the 15 May 2013 in Brussels. The  prize-winning  project  will  receive  a  pan-European  publicity  package  worth 10.000  euros.