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100GET receives the Celtic Innovation Award 2013

date of publication > 26-March-2013

This project, focusing on the development of 100 Gbps Ethernet based carrier-grade transport networks realized an impressive work that was  worth  65 million euro investment  and  performed  world  class  research  especially  on  the  area  of  optical layers where a number of new devices have been developed. It involves 40 organisations from 5 countries and was largely funded by the German Federal Ministry  of  Education  and  Research (BMBF) (30M euro), the French Ministry – DGCIS, and by Tekes, the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation involving also big industry names such as Nokia Siemens Network and Alcatel Lucent.  This very successful project realised 21 new products, improved another 15, filed 56 patents, contributed to 32 standards and performed 53 pilots.
In  the  Celtic  Excellence  Awards  category,  the  4GBB  project  received  the  Gold Award, MEVICO received the Silver Award, and HOMESNET the Bronze Award. ‘We are very proud to have such impressively successful projects within our programme portfolio, which clearly demonstrates how successful the EUREKA clusters perform’ said Celtic-Plus chairman Jacques Magen.
It is worth mentioning that the 100GET Celtic project is also one of the finalists of the 2013 EUREKA Innovation Award alongside 4986 AlienVault ESC and 3728 EUROENVIRON OMIM.