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EUROGIA+ achievements and targets

date of publication > 17-April-2013

EUROGIA+, the EUREKA Cluster for low carbon energy technologies, will soon successfully finish its second mandate. EUROGIA+ covers the entire energy value chain from all forms of primary energy sources (except nuclear), through transportation and distribution, all the way to efficiency in end-use whether industrial or for individual consumers. This broad scope allowed EUROGIA+ to label 28 successful projects from offshore wind farms to CSS, from smart grids to new materials, with a strong participation of SMEs. Having successfully completed 5 years, EUROGIA+ proposes to continue its activities under the name of EUROGIA2020. The document ‘EUROGIA+ Achievements and Targets’ presents the results acquired by EUROGIA+ between 2008 -2012 and outlines vision for EUROGIA2020.
In order to address the challenges that the current world energy system is facing, EUROGIA2020 must promote innovative solutions that will satisfy the growing energy demand, enablers that reduce the negative impacts of energy consumption and new technologies that give access to affordable and cleaner and safer energy.