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Innovation via collaboration – EUREKA Inter-Cluster Spokesman speaks for Science Omega

date of publication > 23-April-2013

Jacques Magen, Celtic-Plus Chairman and EUREKA Inter-Cluster Spokesman was interviewed recently by Science Omega a specialised publication offering coverage of the challenges and opportunities presented by science and technology.
‘Experts have realised that industrial collaboration is a very good instrument to trigger partnerships among industrial partners, performing common research activities towards European industrial innovation’ said Jacques Magen. Using working clusters of public, private and research institutes, innovation can be seen through from lab to market, he further explained.
It is important to encourage industrial companies to work together, with the underlying idea that we are stronger together than separately. Strategic grouping of businesses with similar aims and specialities, as exemplified in EUREKA Clusters, allow experts to share knowledge and expertise in areas such as microelectronics, information technologies and communications, and energy and water technologies. At a time when the European economy is faltering, it is of utmost importance that industry and public authorities carry on their investment in industrial research and innovation, to lead the way towards a sustainable society of the future.
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