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KOREA EUREKA Day – a milestone for Korean-European collaboration in research and development

date of publication > 26-April-2013

Ahead of the 4th edition of Korea EUREKA Day we are publishing a series of news on Korean R&D, its innovation strategy and involvement in EUREKA.
After becoming an associated country in the EUREKA network of national research agencies in 2009, Korea has now incorporated EUREKA into its international innovation strategies to generate market-oriented tech projects. Under the supervision of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, the MOTIE, the Korean Institute for the Advancement of Technology (KIAT) has built various mechanisms to set-up transnational collaborations between Korea and Europe. One such mechanism is its annual matchmaking event, EUREKA Day.
The MOTIE, and the Turkish EUREKA Chairmanship will be co-hosting the 4th annual KOREA EUREKA Day event on May 28-29, in Istanbul, Turkey.
Organised by KIAT, EUREKA Days were originally designed with four objectives in mind. The event first became a forum where European and Korean industrial research organisations could meet, exchange ideas and discuss common interests for the generation of EUREKA projects. It also enhanced the awareness about EUREKA amongst Korean industrial research organisations. It has also become a way to provide practical information to researchers, increasing the probability of success for EUREKA projects involving Korean participants.
The event has attracted a substantial number of participants, both foreign and Korean, to each of its editions (see table below). Representatives from approximately 50 Korean organisations including government research institutes, large companies, and SMEs have been selected to attend the newest edition of the event.
Its matchmaking sessions are praised as a way to promote international collaborations and EUREKA Days have now become a leading industrial R&D event, proving to be a highly effective platform to strengthen initial stages in innovation and fostering the development of consortia between Korean and European research organisations. According to data collected by the Korean EUREKA office, since the establishment of EUREKA Days as an annual event the number of funded project has increased by 60% and the number of participants in EUREKA projects with Korean organisations has augmented by 43% when compared to the prior three years.
EUREKA DAY Statistics
Seoul, Korea
Seoul, Korea
Brussels, Belgium
Number of Korean participants
Number of Foreign Participants
EUREKA Days has been invaluable in expanding international networks, and achieving Korea’s goal of increasing collaborative innovation in numerous technology areas. This year’s event will cover four broad areas of technology: convergence, health & well-being, clean environment & efficient energy, and next generation manufacturing & materials.
The event’s programme consists of three sessions: an informational seminar on preparing EUREKA projects, an open forum on Korea-European future collaboration, and matchmaking sessions to provide a platform for the initial discussions necessary in the early stages of the innovation and R&D process.
For more information go to www.eurekaday.kr or contact the Korean EUREKA NPC Officer at (eureka@kiat.or.kr).