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Eurostars one of key innovation instruments in UK Technology Strategy Board's Delivery Plan for 2013-14

date of publication > 21-May-2013


The Technology Strategy Board, the United Kingdom's innovation agency published recently its Delivery Plan for 2013-2014, which outlines the planned investment and funding competitions for the period. The main priorities of the Technology Strategy Board are outlined in this document: commercialising ideas, support provided to help businesses to pursue innovation, bring new products and services more quickly to market and support economic growth.  
The Eurostars programme is mentioned as one of the main innovation support instruments to UK high-tech SMEs in order to develop partnerships with SMEs and knowledge and supply chain partners elsewhere in Europe, to develop their networks and to build up the knowledge to participate in large EU programmes. The Eurostars programme is the only European funding programme specially dedicated to R&D-intensive SMEs and the European Commission has shown in its recent roadmap for the continuation of the Eurostars Programme it strong support to the continuation of the programme as part of Horizon 2020.