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Celtic-Plus establishes YouTube video channel

date of publication > 03-June-2013

Celtic-Plus has established a YouTube channel to educate the public on its projects and overall function within the EUREKA Network.  The Celtic-Plus cluster is concentrated in the areas of telecommunications, new media, future internet, applications and services focusing on a new 'Smart Connected World' paradigm.   

The cluster’s most recent success, the 100GET project, was a finalist for the 2013 Innovation Award and is presented in two videos on the cluster’s new YouTube page. Other videos featured on the page include a demonstration of the exciting Up-to-Us project’s “session hand-over”, a new and innovative way to share IPTV content across multiple devices and an interview with Jacques Magen, Chairman of Celtic-Plus. 

In the future, Celtic-Plus aims to show captured demos of exhibitions, project achievements and potentially, reviews of projects over periods of time that have been conducted through the cluster. Be sure to subscribe to their YouTube channel for the latest videos and demonstrations from Celtic-Plus.