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EUREKA enhances its visibility in the regions through new partnership with ERRIN

date of publication > 19-June-2013

EUREKA and the European Regions for Research Network, ERRIN, today signed a memorandum of understanding, during the closing meetings of the Turkish EUREKA Chairmanship. A greater focus on the regions means a new point of engagement for the EUREKA network, at a local level. EUREKA, with its successes in promoting and supporting market-oriented research, development and innovation, has great potential as a partner for regions interested in strengthening their capacities in this field. ERRIN, with its focus on location-based research and innovation, can support EUREKA instruments and encourage a wider take-up at regional level.


Françoise Chotard, Chairperson of ERRIN and Director of the Ile-de-France regional office in Brussels, noted that the memorandum of understanding will ‘reinforce the EUREKA-ERRIN special relationship, combining EUREKA’s 27 years of experience and its long-established network, with the strength of ERRIN as a dynamic player in the Brussels research and innovation arena.’ She thanked the Turkish Chairmanship and the EUREKA network for their work in bringing the two organisations together and she looked forward to furthering the existing collaboration between the two networks in the future.

Okan Kara, EUREKA High-Level Group Chairman and Head of the National Coordination Office for the EU Framework Programme at TUBiTAK, the research council of Turkey, said he was ‘already pleased with the clear benefits that EUREKA’s association with ERRIN was bringing to both parties’. The signing of the memorandum, he added, was ‘simply formalising a win-win partnership, which, I am convinced, will bear even more fruit in the years to come.’

EUREKA recently presented its actions at regional level during the week of innovative regions in Europe encouraging regional authorities to include a transnational component into their specialisation  strategies.