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Representatives from over 40 EUREKA offices and the European Commission meet in Ankara

date of publication > 20-June-2013

Between June 17th and 21st, representatives from over 40 EUREKA offices and the European Commission are gathering in Ankara, Turkey, in the frame of the EUREKA initiative. EUREKA is a network of European offices, also involving the EU, working together on providing financial support to research projects jointly undertaken by companies, universities and research institutions coming from different parts of Europe. In the recent years, Canada and South Korea have joined the EUREKA Network as associated countries and have sent representative delegates to the Ankara meetings.



Topics to be discussed during the week’s meetings by the EUREKA National Project Coordinators and High Level Representatives include dialogue on South Africa’s intent to join, future governance of the network, formalizing partnership with ERRIN, agreement on renewal of EUROGIA+ to EUROGIA2020, extension of EURIPIDES to EURIPIDES² and the transfer of the Turkish Chair to the Norway.


Beginning on July 1st, The Research Council of Norway will hold the chairmanship of EUREKA and will organize future meetings between members of the EUREKA Network. The EUERKA Norwegian Chairmanship will be led by Kristin Danielsen.