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Crossing the bridge from research to market: a challenging Agenda for ACQUEAU

date of publication > 25-June-2013

ACQUEAU is continuing its efforts to fill the gap between research and market. On the one hand, ACQUEAU will label new innovative market oriented projects submitted under the Open Call. Latecomers still have a chance to submit their projects; there are few weeks before the closure of applications. On the other hand, the Cluster is preparing to host in Paris its 2nd workshop 2013 “Water beyond Europe” on the 17th & 18th October. For this 2nd edition, ACQUEAU will celebrate its new collaboration with Canada and bring together all the water stakeholders (industries, supply chain, funding authorities, etc.) from both continents – Europe and Canada. The registration form for the event will be available soon on the website. It would be an understatement to say that the EUREKA Cluster agenda for this fall is crowded. In addition to the Open Call and the workshop, ACQUEAU is strengthening its partnership with the EIP on water, the water JPI and ERRIN - and of course it is willing to maintain its privileged relationship with WssTP. For more information, please contact capucine.beunesdevauze@acqueau.eu.