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Second annual ACQUEAU workshop - "Water Beyond Europe"

date of publication > 10-September-2013

ACQUEAU, the first EUREKA Cluster dedicated to environmental and water related technologies, is hosting their second biannual event. The event promotes innovation and market driven collaborative solutions to develop new technologies in the water sector. The ACQUEAU cluster is an initiative supported by more than 25 countries and over 70 companies across Europe.

The ultimate success of ACQUEAU and its projects is its ability to facilitate the generation of market-driven, pan-European collaborative water research and technological R&D for the benefit of the European industry. In order to do so, events like these help bring together the large network of water companies and those who work in tandem with the water sector to discover new ways to innovate in the field. These biannual events are always in the frame of creating an innovative project for ACQUEAU to fund. ACQUEAU funded projects can receive a significant amount of funds. As an example, the currently running WIN4SMART project received a budget of more than seven million euro. The second event of the year will be October 17-18th at BASF’s French offices in Paris.

The two day event will focus on financing and collaboration with technical conferences on the final day. In attendance will be members of ACQUEAU’s board including the likes of BASF, GDF Suez, Kr├╝ger, and Atkins in addition to many more water sector companies. Canada, EUREKA’s newest associate country will also be a focal point during the event as the Canadian National Research Council promotes desired collaboration between esteemed Canadian water companies and their European counterparts. Visit the event page to download the program and discover contact information for the event.