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SensiScreen Lung project scores highest ranking in Eurostars latest call

date of publication > 30-September-2013

In the latest round of Eurostars funding, the project that received the highest possible score (Ranking: 1) was SensiScreen Lung. The project, now labeled as E! 8421 SensiScreen Lung is a groundbreaking technique for diagnosing Lung Cancer with exceptional precision when working with a limited amount of cancer material. The project will develop prototypes for clinical sampling and will then proceed to development of diagnostic kits for treatment of patients.

Project participants are from Denmark and Switzerland with the lead role being conducted by Denmark’s PentaBase; a company founded in 2006 working in areas such as cutting edge genetic research and diagnostic tools. Switzerland’s Istituto Cantonale di Patologia specializes in histological and cytological work and is based out of the Italian speaking region in the south. The Danish Technological Institue is also a participant, contributing to the management and interdisciplinary collaboration within the project.

Acquiring the highest rank within the Eurostars evaluations is no easy task. Numerous levels of scrutiny and criteria are used to find the best possible projects by international experts. The project that attains the highest rankings must exhibit outstanding scientific and technological excellence. Eurostars experts determined that SensiScreen Lung consisted of excellent partners, a very professional project plan and its product is considered highly innovative. The experts concluded that the project would develop a superior product and thus, be tremendously attractive to the market; the ultimate objective of Eurostars projects.

PentaBase Press Release