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EUREKA and EEN foresee strengthening of ties as EEN gets major overhaul

date of publication > 05-November-2013

The Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), a partner to EUREKA’s network of national innovation offices by a memorandum of understanding, is planning to introduce major changes to its advising and support services. Enterprise Europe Network is the largest information and consultancy network in Europe. Its aim is to help small business to make the most of the European marketplace, which makes it a natural partner to EUREKA, an organisation focusing on the funding and support of transnational R&D across Europe.

Beginning in 2015-2021, the new rendition of EEN will aid in the development of the upcoming COSME programme focused on small to medium enterprises (SME). Efforts to strengthen the role of SMEs are one of the main goals of a closer collaboration between EUERKA and EEN. While EUREKA begins the latest phase of Eurostars which announced its new call deadline of 13 March 2014 last week, both organisations move to improve their collaboration in providing advisory and support services to SMEs.

EUREKA acknowledges EEN’s new service areas as a welcome addition to Europe’s innovation ecosystem. New services to be offered to SMEs by EEN include:

  • Advice on EU initiatives and legislation;
  • support to enhance management capacities to increase European competitiveness;
  • support for improving financial knowledge of SMEs;
  • measures to increase SMEs' access to energy efficiency, climate and environmental expertise;
  • cross-border business cooperation, R&D, technology and knowledge transfer and technology and innovation partnerships;
  • feedback to Commission services on EU legislation;
  • internationalisation;
  • service for other EU programmes including EUREKA.

EEN’s future improvements to its network will enhance and streamline the process for companies seeking funding opportunities abroad. Since its creation EEN has helped 2 million European SMEs to conclude 2 500 partnership agreements with counterparts often located outside the borders of their own country.

An information day about the new EEN will take place on February 6, 2014. More details on the information day will follow soon.