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OECD and World Bank launch innovation policy platform

date of publication > 25-February-2014

The OECD and the World Bank recently launched the Innovation Policy Platform, a interactive webiste that supporting analysts and stakeholders in the innovation policy-making process. The website provides an online repository which aims at facilitating collective learning about innovation policy, both in conceptual and how-to aspects. The contents are tailored to the needs of both developing and developed countries.

The Innovation Policy Platform targets particularly a variety of users by trying to meet their functional and informational needs, such as:

  • Policy makers who design and implement innovation policy, allocate resources, and set priorities for long-term development and growth agendas;
  • Policy analysts, mainly from government, universities, think tanks and consultancies;
  • International organisations who work with countries to improve the design and implementation of innovation policies;
  • Non-governmental stakeholders such as NGOs, firms, and entrepreneurs who engage in innovation policy processes.

For more details, visit www.innovationpolicyplatform.org.