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EUREKA Chairwoman Kristin Danielsen on Eurostars' importance for SMEs

date of publication > 22-April-2014

In a recent interview published on ScienceIBusiness, an online provider of news on science and innovation in Europe, EUREKA’s chairwoman Dr. Kristin Danielsen debriefed on Eurostars, a joint programme between the EU and EUREKA recently re-endorsed by the European Parliament for a period of seven years. She stressed the importance of the programme for SMEs, allowing them to obtain access to secured funding at national level for the partners involved in a transnational project. The success of Eurostars, she said, is demonstrated in the fact that the participating funding bodies “expected to receive around 150 applications a year and fund around 40 projects” but “[…] ended up with 600-700 applications and 150 projects annually”.

Dr. Danielsen mentioned a few of the new features of the programme under its current mandate: “a higher degree of synchronisation, three times the budget of the first programme”, ed. €1.2 billion, “a shorter time-to-contract […] “and a joint commitment to fund the first 50 projects on our ranking list and 75 per cent of all projects on the list.” She also hailed the association of South Korea as a full member of the programme and announced the cut-off date of the second Eurostars call this year of September 11, 2014.


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