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EU innovation scoreboard shows divide EUREKA wants to close

date of publication > 30-April-2014

Published earlier this year, the Innovation Union Scoreboard shows little progress in the reduction of the innovation gap between EU countries. Northern and central European countries lead the way while Southern and Eastern Europe seems to be performing poorly in most indicators of innovation performance, which include higher education, intellectual assets and innovation in SMEs.

In a recent common address, EUREKA Chairwoman Kristin Danielsen from Norway, Head of Secretariat Pedro de Sampaio Nunes and former Chairman Okan Kara from Turkey pointed to the widening of the innovation divide: “EUREKA has observed this trend amongst its 40+ member countries – within the EU but also beyond, signalling a worrying process of divergence in innovation performance.” Enhancing cooperation with “those members that are not currently realising their great potential” was pointed as one of EUREKA’s main objectives.

The Innovation Scoreboard also makes apparent the importance of public R&D expenditure in a context of continuous decline in venture capital investments and non-R&D innovation investment in companies - an area where EUREKA has an important role to play as a driver for public investment in trans-border research projects.

Topping the EU-wide scoreboard are Sweden, followed by Denmark, Germany and Finland, a result that is also confirmed in EUREKA figures although other regions are also greatly involved in transnational innovation projects through the funding and support platform offered by EUREKA: including Norway, currently chairing the EUREKA network, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Netherlands, Spain and Slovenia.

Download the Innovation Union Scoreboard.