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Bruno H. Moor

 “As Chair of EUREKA we aim to work for the benefit of the Network. We will continue the work of previous chairmanships and contribute actively to realising EUERKA's new strategic roadmap.“

Bruno H. Moor, EUREKA Chairman

Delegate of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Education and Research EAER


Priorities of the Swiss EUREKA Chairmanship

CULTIVATING THE ROOTS OF EUREKA: giving attention to the needs and expectations of national public funding agencies.

As stated in one of the major objectives of the Strategic Roadmap, one purpose of EUREKA is to become a preferred initiative for public funding agencies by 2020, aiming to extend national R&D priorities and funding programmes to a transnational dimension.

Against this background and the changing role of public funding agencies in the European Research Area, the EUREKA instruments are to be adapted.

Switzerland aims to further explore the needs and expectations of public funding agencies in the EUREKA network with a view to international cooperation and address them adequately in the four different EUREKA instruments. Consequently, the EUREKA Projects instrument will focus on the needs of the national funding instruments, providing them with an attractive and flexible tool for bilateral cooperation, exploring new possibilities to cooperate on a global scale and collaborating in a complementary manner with other European initiatives. This is also true for the Clusters and Umbrellas, which will be supported to allow them to become stronger and more visible. For
Eurostars, faster and leaner procedures will be explored and implemented according to the progressing milestones defined in the Eurostars Implementing Guidelines.

On the basis of the EUREKA Strategic Roadmap the following objectives will be pursued during the Swiss EUREKA chairmanship:

• Develop and introduce an attractive and flexible EUREKA tool for public funding agencies
• Increase the value of the EUREKA label
• Foster support for and raise awareness about EUREKA Clusters and Umbrellas
• Deliver a lean administration with a short time to contract for Eurostars 2
• Organise a conference for public funding agencies from the EUREKA Network


FOSTERING THE EUREKA NETWORK: enlarging the Network intelligenlty and stimulating its activity.

EUREKA gives companies an opportunity to gain access to international cooperation within a reliable and effective framework. Supporting this access to expertise and markets is one of the strategic objectives for the Strategic Roadmap 2014-2020. EUREKA should become a preferred platform for industrial R&D cooperation between Europe and other parts of the world. Currently, the EUREKA Network consists of 41 members and 3 associated countries.

Switzerland intends to act as moderator and, in conjunction with the member countries, develop a sustainable framework for smart globalisation of the network. On the one hand this means encouraging EUREKA to make its instruments available to countries aiming to move national priorities and funding programmes to a transnational dimension. Potential new associated countries will be evaluated based on existing criteria and on previous mapping. Furthermore, a flexible approach based on variable geometry will be explored in order to cooperate with non-EUREKA countries. On the other hand, EUREKA should explore the consequences of an enlarged network for its structure and governance. The Swiss chairmanship will also pay greater attention to associatedcountries and member countries which to date have not been greatly involved in the network.

On the basis of the EUREKA Strategic Roadmap the following objectives will be addressed
during the Swiss EUREKA chairmanship:

• Enhance engagement with associated countries
• Facilitate project-to-project collaboration with non-EUREKA countries
• Create a new EUREKA toolbox for cooperation with non-EUREKA countries based on a “variable geometry” approach
• Discuss and decide on EUREKA’s future attitude towards potential associate candidates
• Promote EUREKA as a platform for global industrial R&D&I cooperation
• Initiate the re-association of South Korea and Canada


PROMOTING EUREKA WITHIN THE ERA: Raising EUREKA's visibility and building bridges with ERA instruments.

EUREKA is an important initiative in the European Research Area (ERA), providing funding opportunities for companies with a flexible bottom-up approach. At the same time, the diversity of multilateral market-oriented R&D instruments has considerably grown in recent years and greater attention is being given to innovation due to the introduction of new funding instruments for SMEs under Horizon 2020. The question of which instrument is best for companies, and especially SMEs, has become increasingly complex. One of the strategic objectives of EUREKA 2020 is to contribute to the innovation aspect of the European Research Area, achieving smart synergies between EUREKA instruments and other relevant instruments.

The Swiss EUREKA chairmanship will initiate work towards the vision 2020. Existing partnerships with EEN, ERRIN and COST will be implemented at the EUREKA Innovation Event. The development of Horizon 2020, and other instruments within the ERA, will be analysed and the implications for EUREKA discussed in the network. New partnerships will be tested according to the interest of the EUREKA members.

Based on the results of the analysis above, the ultimate goal will be to define and promote the unique selling points of the EUREKA instruments in the ERA.

On the basis of the EUREKA Strategic Roadmap, the following objectives will be addressed during the Swiss EUREKA chairmanship:

• Develop smart synergies with ERA and Horizon 2020 instruments
• Increase EUREKA’s visibility as a player and emphasise the complementary nature of EUREKA
• Test new partnerships
• Deliver effective communication of EUREKA instruments to the target audience

HARVESTING INNOVATION GROWTH: providing added value and evaluating the benefits of EUREKA instruments to the Industry.

By 2020 EUREKA is aiming to provide a clear added value to industry, with business-driven instruments, appropriate access to public funding and state of the art communication and evaluation.

In line with this strategic objective the Swiss EUREKA chairmanship is dedicating its fourth priority to the added value EUREKA provides to industry. The priority is related to the other three priorities. In the first priority, the aim is to achieve a sound commitment on the part of the public funding agencies to EUREKA. Priority two aims to enlarge the possibilities for companies to cooperate globally. Priority three is to provide EUREKA with a clear profile in the ERA and to open channels between EUREKA and other multilateral ERA instruments.

The Swiss EUREKA chairmanship is organising the EUREKA Innovation Event which will be followed by a call for project outlines. The Innovation Event will showcase our vision of how the EUREKA principles will be put into action. In order to ‘harvest’ the yield created previously, all the priorities of the chairmanship will be actively implemented at that event and exposed to the EUREKA target group. At the final EUREKA meeting under the Swiss chairmanship, the outcome of the objectives and the impressions of the participating companies will be presented to the Network.

On the basis of the EUREKA Strategic Roadmap 2014-2020 the following objectives will be addressed during the Swiss EUREKA chairmanship:

• Deliver effective evaluation of EUREKA instruments
• Deliver effective communication of EUREKA instruments to the target audience
• Evaluate the impact from creating a new EUREKA toolbox
• Yield tangible results for industry with the Innovation Event

EUREKA Network Meetings during the Swiss Chairmanship

National Project Coordinator (NPC) / High Level Group (HLG) meetings

Executive Group (EG) meetings

EG1 : 3-4 July 2014 in Zurich
EG2 : 24-25 September 2014 in Brussels
EG3 : 11-12 February 2015 in Brussels
EG4 : 15-16 April in Brussels