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 EUREKA CHAIRMANSHIP >Norway 2013/2014

Norway is holding the chair of EUREKA from 1st July 2013 until 30th June 2014. 

“EUREKA has a role to play in putting the words ‘industry’ and ‘innovation’ into the definition of the European Research Area”

Kristin Danielsen - Director of International Affairs / Research Council of Norway


Sharpening the focus on industry and innovation and exploring new International Cooperation techniques for EUREKA will help strengthen the Network’s prominence in the European Research Area.
Norway, known for its breath taking mountains, picturesque fjord coastline and high standards of living, is a founding member of EUREKA. A strong economy coupled with a well-developed social model makes the country of roughly five million an excellent breeding ground for research and innovation. With these credentials, Norway is determined to continue the work of the Turkish Chair, whilst heralding EUREKA as the prototype for industry and innovation in the European Research Area.

The priorities of the Norwegian EUREKA Chairmanship are the following:

Strengthen the position of EUREKA in the European Research Area to ensure:

·         a stronger focus on industry as a whole

·         a flying start for the next phase of the Eurostars SME joint programme

·         an optimum positioning for the EUREKA Clusters

Continuing to develop the EUREKA international cooperation strategy:

·         Exploring ways of cooperating with partners outside of Europe for mutual benefit

Simplifying EUREKA’s structure to optimise:

·         the governance of EUREKA

·         the structure and content of meetings

·         the functioning of the EUREKA secretariat

Develop a strategic roadmap:

·         During its 12-month mandate, the Norwegian Chairmanship will also develop, in collaboration with the network, a new EUREKA strategic roadmap for the period 2014 – 2018.