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Development of blind-type solar equipment for generating electricity

Deadline 01/10/2017

A Korean SME has developed sub-module of slit installation for generating electricity. The submodule uses solar energy and the equipment for generating electricity uses the biggest surface of the building; walls and glasses. With this technology, they can overcome view, shades, and temperature matters. They wish to develop the sub-module with European expertise in the field of cell and sub-module. EUREKA: Eurogia2020 is considered for application in 2017.

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Research cooperation on a project on the search for network function virtualization ready Linux distribution.

Deadline 16/10/2017

Based in Istanbul / Turkey, Turkish company defines itself as the partner and specialized in data processing, data security with various vertical applications. Acronymed as "Noveaux" under Celtic Plus call, the project is about targeting the issue of "not having a standardized Linux distribution which is suitable for developing network function virtiualisation (NFV) elements" The company is looking for project partners under research cooperation agreement.

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Searching partners for further development of synthetic noise generation system for electric vehicles (EVs).

Deadline 11/11/2017

A Turkish engineering SME working on noise, vibration and harshness of vehicles is searching partners in component, electrical vehicle development, manufacturing and electrical board design for further development of their synthetic noise generation system for electrical vehicles. The company intends to make a research cooperation agreement or technical cooperation agreement.

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Smart house technology integrator for speech-to-speech natural language interface mobile app for home control

Deadline 20/12/2017

A Romanian company with good working experience with code optimization, image and speech processing technology, is looking for project partners in Eureka Program for research cooperation agrement. The project idea is to create an assistate mobile device software platform for intelligent building control and communication.

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 Design and development of an hydro-generator with an innovative efficient horizontal reaction turbine 

Deadline: 31/01/2018

A Spanish SME is preparing a Eurostars project in order to develop, manufacture and commercialize a new generation hydro-generator with efficient and innovative horizontal reaction turbine that may work in rivers of low and high speeds. The turbine is intended to be compact, easy to install and efficient. The company is looking for technological partners for the development of the horizontally symmetrical sealed generator and complex geometry ducts. 

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Development of highly efficiency systems for energy storage based on graphene technologies 

Deadline: 31/01/2018

A Spanish SME that works in graphene technologies is preparing a Eurostars project whose objective is develop flexible anodes and cathodes whose composition includes graphene. In this way the mechanical properties and the ionic mobility will be improved. The company is looking for partners with experience in electrochemistry, development of energy storage systems and characterization of thin films. 

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Artificial neural network based software development for new technology business suggestion

Deadline: 01/02/2018

A Korean SME specialised in the business consulting software development especially in technology transfer, commercialisation, and business incubation is looking for a R&D project partner. The company targets to develop a software system to support enterprises looking for new business items from online technology marketplaces. The potential partner is expected to have expertise in business consulting tool based system integration.

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UK company requests technology to further develop an advanced analytics platform

Deadline 04/07/2018

A UK company seeks to further develop its successful data analytics platform by requesting international technology collaborations with businesses, R&D organisations or universities in Ireland, Israel, Netherlands or Spain. Technical expertise is requested in the fields of semantic search, natural language processing, data scraping, seeding, data visualization or presentation technologies and even artificial intelligence or machine learning may be applicable.

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