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Smart supply chain management

Deadline 16/02/2017

A Korean university research team is developing a smart supply chain management and seeks a partner for a EUREKA or Eurostars2. The smart supply chain management (SCM) can handle these uncertainties and achieve quality, cost, responsiveness and customer satisfaction. They are seeking universities/companies working in ICT to co-develop the smart supply chain management by providing wireless communication based on a sensor network via research cooperation agreement.

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Outdoor LED lighting system with dye-sensitized solar cell and energy harvest system

Deadline 01/03/2017

A Korean SME specializing in LED is preparing an international joint R&D proposal under the EUREKA programme. The project is about developing a LED lighting system for outdoors and a factory with dye-sensitized solar cell and energy harvest system. The company is looking for a partner who can design an energy harvest system and apply it to LED lighting system. The EUREKA proposal is planning to be submitted by March of 2017.

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Development of new techniques to reduce the allergen content in wine

Deadline 22/03/2017

A Spanish winery is preparing a GlobalStars project proposal for R&D projects under EUREKA, aimed at reducing the presence of biogenic amines in wine production without affecting wine quality. The company is looking for one Argentinean winery (SME only) to complete the consortium. The winery should carry out studies in vineyard, grape, must and wine, sampling, physical-chemical and sensorial analysis, etc.

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Development of disease prediction models based on microbiological and microclimatic particularity of vineyards.

Deadline: 22/03/2017

Spanish winery is preparing a GlobalStars project proposal for R&D projects under EUREKA, aimed at reducing the use of pesticides in vineyards and to increase the sustainability of viticulture. The company is looking for one Argentinean winery (SME only) to complete the consortium. The winery should mainly participate in the selection, monitoring and management of plots within their own vineyards, winemaking, basic chemical physical and sensory analysis of wines, sampling, etc.

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Big data analysis in forest pests outbreaks control

Deadline 19/09/2017

A Spanish SME is specialised in helping ICT companies to design and manage their R&D activities is looking for partners for a Eurostars project. The project proposes a solution to future forest pests outbreaks by creating a data and monitoring system based on the collaboration of private citizen and researchers. They are looking for research cooperation agreement, the partner should be an SME specialised in mobile application and big data analysis.

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Second screen game interaction technology & content for smart devices

Deadline: 19/09/2017

Korean SME specializing in developing game platforms is preparing a project proposal under EUREKA. The purpose of the project is to research and develop a game User experience (UX) as well as content compatible with a second screen environment. The company is looking for a partner in the likes of an electronic gadget specialist or a game developer to collaborate with each other in the EUREKA Individual Project.

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Developing next generation EcoDriving tools.

Deadline: 20/09/2017

A Turkish company, specialized in engineering services for automotive, looking to develop a project to reduce commercial vehicle fuel consumptions with a novel methodology the company itself developed. This methodology aims to reduce driver effects on fuel consumption with adaptive tracking. The company use its automotive background in this method. The company is looking for research cooperation agreements to carry out further tryout and prepare a joint work under the H2020 or EUREKA call.

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Development of advanced technologies on Cloud based Security as a Service(SECaaS)

Deadline 21/09/2017

In 2015, cloud development act was passed to vitalize cloud service industry in Korea for the first time in the world. After that, various cloud-related policies were announced. However, due to concerns for information protection, introduction and diffusion of cloud services are limited and slow in progress. For this reason, this Korean SME as an IT evaluation expert would like to secure advanced cloud-based security technologies from European companies for research or technical collaboration.

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Precision Agriculture

Deadline 12/12/2017

A Spanish SME focused on ICT development, is seeking for partners with relevant expertise in Precision Agriculture, Unmanned Aerial or Ground Systems (UFS/UFV or UGS/UGV) and/or agriculture sensors to collaborate in a Eureka/ Eurostar's. The project objective is to build a digital and social meta-cooperative, an innovative ICT platform to provide extended value-added services to existing cooperatives and olive oil farmers.

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