EUREKA in the ERA strategy now endorsed

As stated in its EUREKA 2020 Strategic Roadmap, EUREKA aims to ‘contribute to the completion of the European Research Area for its innovation part, reaching smart synergies between EUREKA instruments and other relevant instruments.’ As a well-established enabling structure for transnational cooperation with its different instruments and its bottom-up approach, EUREKA has sound experience and is making a strong impact on European industry by supporting innovative business-oriented projects. EUREKA therefore is a natural contributor with respect to the innovation-related aspects of the European Research Area.

In 2014, the Swiss EUREKA Chairmanship established a working group to define a ‘EUREKA in the ERA’ strategy. The strategy was endorsed on 2 July 2015 at a EUREKA Network meeting in Lugano, bringing together more than 40 national research ministries and innovation agencies.

As part of its strategy, EUREKA has identified four main strategic objectives:

  • Increasing cross-border cooperation in innovation;
  • Facilitating international cooperation;
  • Supporting effective national innovation systems;
  • Contributing to ERA policies on innovation.


With these strategic objectives and the related key actions implemented, EUREKA could become a leading ERA innovation stakeholder, further contributing to growth and job creation for the benefit of European industry. EUREKA would also indirectly support the implementation of the ERA Roadmap.

The Swedish EUREKA Chair taking over from Switzerland plans to develop with the active involvement of the EUREKA Network an ‘implementation plan’ of the strategy at national level as well as at European level.  

Read the EUREKA in the ERA strategy.

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