EUREKA membership in the STS forum

EUREKA is glad to announce it has become a member of the STS forum in February 2016. This year, EUREKA representatives will participate in the 13th annual meeting taking place in Kyoto, Japan, in October.

With its annual meeting as the centre of its activities the Science and Technology in Society forum aims to provide a mechanism for open high-level exchange of views on an informal basis. It makes it possible to build a human network among the world’s most influential people in business, politics, academia, research and science, government and media that would, in time, resolve the new types of problems stemming from the application of science and technology. The forum community also explores the opportunities arising from science and technology and addresses how to remove the barriers to using science and technology to solve the problems facing humankind.

The STS Forum meetings present a privileged platform to promote EUREKA, its rationale, activities and results on a global level. At the same time they provide comprehensive information about what the other major technology players are presently doing and offer the technology watch essential to help guiding and assess EUREKA’s own initiatives. Further added value is given through the high level of the meeting, the visibility of the Forum members, and, in particular, the networking possibilities.

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