EURIPIDES News – a new board member and 2016 call calendar

EUREKA Cluster EURIPIDES² welcomed European leader in professional industrial electronic services éolane as the 28th EURIPIDES² Board member. éolane is involved in every value-added stage of an electronic and/or digital product or sub-assembly from design to maintenance and after-sales, and has facilities in China, India, Estonia, Germany and Morocco. The Board is an open and successful ecosystem of companies and research institutes from 11 countries: Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland and Turkey.

"With éolane joining us, we reinforce the production and manufacturing cornerstone of professional electronics where Europe is still in the lead. In the name of the Board, I warmly welcome éolane and Marc Pasquier in our group”, says Jean-Luc Maté Vice President of Continental Engineering Services and Chairman of EURIPIDES².

"The éolane offer addresses a broad range of services and skills with a high level of innovation. éolane is the smart Swiss knife of the EMS: Multi services and quality! Our core business is manufacturing global electronic solutions”, says Marc Pasquier, CEO of éolane.

EURIPIDES² launches two calls per year, in a two-step approach, in order to maximise the chances for success and avoid unnecessary time consuming efforts in setting up projects.


       Project Outline  I  10 March 2016

       Full Project Proposal   I  12 May 2016


        Project Outline  I  22 September 2016

        Full Project Proposal  I 1 December 2016   

At both stages, the EURIPIDES² Office will check whether public funding would be available for partners through the Public authorities’ network.

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