Huge Business Impact – SASER Closing Event in Stuttgart

Stuttgart. After three years of successful work, Celtic-Plus Flagship Project SASER proudly presented its achievement at a closing event in Stuttgart, Germany. More than 80 participants attended the event, which was hosted at the premises of Alcatel-Lucent, the project leader of SASER.

SASER, which stands for “Safe and Secure European Routing”, achieved a plethora of results that have contributed to making communications networks in Europe faster, more cost-effective, safer and more secure. The national funding bodies which contributed to finance SASER showed themselves highly satisfied with the return for their R&D investment.

Dr. Christine Thomas, Director Innovation for Society at the German Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF), acknowledged how much technological and economic impact was achieved by the project in just three years, and stressed that no individual country can achieve such crucial impacts on global telecommunications on its own. Dr. Loïc Duflot, Head of Networks and Digital Use Division at French public funding organisation DGE, highlighted important results realised by the French participants in SASER that fit very well with the objectives of the French R&D strategy. The upcoming Industry 4.0, for example, strongly relies on reliable secure communication services. Tiina Nurmi from Tekes, the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation, chimed in, saying that the major topic in Finland’s ICT strategy is currently cybersecurity, and SASER has been addressing exactly that. Many of the latest developments regarding Smart Cities, digital mobility services, etc. would not have been possible without cyber security.

Celtic-Plus Chairman Jacques Magen thanked the project consortium for its excellent work and the public authorities from the countries that funded SASER for their support. At the same time he expressed the hope that some of the countries participating in Celtic-Plus who have not been very active recently would be motivated by the success of SASER to increase their contribution to also enable companies in their countries to benefit from Celtic-Plus projects.

In the second part of the event, SASER consortium partners presented the achievements and business impacts from the four sub-projects of SASER. SASER-SaveNet was presented by Dr. Andreas Leven from Alcatel-Lucent as well as Dr. Christian Simonneau (also Alcatel-Lucent) and Dr. Jean-François Morizur, CEO of CaiLas. SASER-Siegfried was presented by Josef Urban from Nokia, Dr. Marc Bohn from Coriant, and Mika Holmberg form Finnish SME 2NS. Dr. Jörg-Peter Elbers from ADVA Optical Networking presented SASER-ADVAntage-NET, and finally, Andreas Umbach from Finisar Germany explained SASER Horizontal.

The common theme among all presentations was the huge business impact that SASER already achieved during the lifetime of the project. Dozens of new products and product improvements, as well as many standards contributions, not to speak of the numerous published papers, are proof that SASER has been a huge step for better and more secure communications in Europe and a push for European industry in related ICT sectors. Projects like SASER are crucial for Europe’s companies, because they ensure that technology invented and made in Europe stays at the competitive edge necessary to be successful in the global market of cutting edge technical products.

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