Innovation and job creation - EUREKA and the Netherlands EU presidency

In a recent debate in the European Parliament, the state secretary for education, culture and science, Sander Dekker, said the Dutch presidency would encourage member states to invest more in research and innovation, through a smart regulatory framework, made attractive to researchers with an "open science with open access" approach. The statement is reflected in the Netherlands EU presidency work programme that defines Europe as an innovator and job creator as one of the priorities of the coming months.  As a promotor of open innovation and a catalyst when it comes to pool national R&D resources in Europe and beyond, EUREKA welcomes the Dutch presidency priorities. As laid down the work programme, “Businesses must be given room to innovate and create jobs”.

A concrete collaboration between EUREKA and the Dutch EU presidency will take place in the framework of the conference "Innovative Enterprise: Financing Ideas from Europe", organised by the Dutch ministry of Economic Affairs from 31st March to 1st April 2016 in The Hague. EUREKA’s E!nnoVest ‘Business’ Academy  will be part of the conference, aimed to up-skill the entrepreneurs lacking the requisite knowledge in one or more specific areas of commercial and business preparation.

More on E!nnoVest and the ‘Business’ Academies

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