Reuters top 25 global innovators: Europeans lead, Canadian EUREKA member NRC in top list

France’s Alternative Energies & Atomic Energy Commission (CEA), Germany’s Fraunhofer Society and Japan’s Science & Technology Agency are top of the Reuters Top 25 Global Innovators ranking of government research institutions, published on March 9 2016. Nine out of 25 ranked institutions are European, making it the number one continent represented in the list. Asia comes in second with eight institutions, followed by North America with seven. On a country-by-country basis, the US comes in first, with six organisations ranked. France and Japan each have four, and Germany three.

“The fact that European institutions dominate the list reflects one more time the great innovation potential of this continent. Now we have to work hard to make the most out of this potential,” says EUREKA Head of Secretariat Pedro de Sampaio Nunes. “Innovation has become a global enterprise; that is why Europe needs to cooperate with the rest of the world. In EUREKA we are especially happy to see our Canadian member – the National Research Council (NRC) Canada – included in the Reuters top list.”

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