Recognizing that the investment and business readiness of innovative projects, start-ups and SMEs seeking capital needs to be improved in order to foster more investments, the EUREKA Network is addressing this challenge with the EUREKA InnoVest Programme.

The EUREKA InnoVest Programme (E!nnoVest) aims to boost the investment awareness and readiness of EUREKA innovative SMEs, promote these companies towards the investment community and actively facilitate investment matching with experienced investors.

Specifically, E!nnoVest will:

  • Increase EUREKA companies’ investment readiness through live webinars, regional venture academies and one2one mentoring held by seasoned business coaches.
  • Provide EUREKA SMEs with investment readiness tools
  • Maximise companies’ exposure to active International Venture Capitalists and Business Angels in the ICT, Life Sciences and Clean Technologies sectors.
  • Matchmaking companies with specialised investors and technology experts, especially at cross-border level. 

E!nnoVest is organised by EUREKA in cooperation with EBAN, EBN and Europe Unlimited, and it is the second edition of the pilot programme Eureka High-tech Investment Programme (EUREKA HTIP), which took place in 2015.

EUREKA initiated E!nnoVest  as a new EUREKA instrument in order to leverage one of EUREKA’s main assets – its incredibly rich reservoir of innovative companies. The programme is one of EUREKA’s priorities this year under the Spanish EUREKA Chairmanship and serves as part of EUREKA’s efforts to develop new sources to support innovation in Europe.

Go to the E!nnoVest website for more information!

E!nnoVest is organised by EUREKA in cooperation with EBAN, EBN and TechTour

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