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11-November-2018 to 16-November-2018

Suzhou, Wuxi and Shenzhen / China

This event, organised by ENRICH in China , will allow the participants to gain unique access to leading Chinese innovators , tech-based organisations , EU and Chinese government officials and many more. Participants will visit leading technology innovation companies and participate in thematic seminars with networking...
Technical and Research
20-November-2018 to 22-November-2018

Lisbon / Portugal

This international forum, organised by AENEAS , ARTEMIS-IA , ECSEL-JU , EPoSS , the European Commission , in association with EUREKA , will focus on “ Our Digital Future " and the Electronic Components and Systems along the entire value chain in Europe. Day 1 - Impact of ECS Collaborative R&D&I on Europe’s...
Technical and Research
04-December-2018 to 06-December-2018

Vienna / Austria

This key European ICT research and innovation event organised by the European Commission, will be hosted by the 2018 Austrian Presidency . It is organised since 1998 and has become Europe's most visible international forums for ICT innovation and a unique gathering of the entire ICT research and innovation community...
Technical and Research
12-December-2018 to 14-December-2018

Pretoria / South Africa

This event will serve as a large, open, public platform for debating the science and society interface . It is an initiative of the South African Department of Science and Technology and it aims to attract scientists, students, public and private sector representatives as well as civil society. More than 2 500...
Technical and Research
14-May-2019 to 16-May-2019

Manchester (North West) / United Kingdom

The EUREKA Global Innovation Summit (EGIS), setup under the frame of the UK EUREKA Chairmanship 2018/19, will be an opportunity for all the participants to meet, share ideas, interact and discuss with stakeholders from European industry, SMEs, academy, policymakers, representatives from regional and local authorities...
Technical and Research

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