28-May-2015 to 29-May-2015

Rome / Italy

By delivering workshops on current ‘hot’ topics’ within the innovation industry, this event organised in partnership with BIC Lazio , will provide participants...
27-October-2015 to 29-October-2015

Rome / Italy

This event, organised with the patronage of the European Commission Representation in Italy, will focus on the " Internet of Things " (IoT). It will bring a...
06-October-2015 to 07-October-2015

Turin / Italy

This technology conference, organised by ARTEMIS , the European association for actors in Embedded & Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), will focus during 2 days...
22-November-2016 to 23-November-2016

Rome / Italy

The aim of this event, organised by PENTA , the is to provide an environment through which organisations can meet and plan a project, while at the same time...
14-December-2016 to 16-December-2016

Venice / Italy

The 15th IEF conference will challenge all researchers, policy makers and practitioners to ask critical questions and seek a range of answers about the uneven...
23-November-2016 to 24-November-2016

Rome / Italy

The 10th European Nanoelectronics Forum organised jointly by the EUREKA cluster on nanoelectronics PENTA and the Association for European NanoElectronics...

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