13-September-2015 to 16-September-2015

Durban / South Africa

WSSF2015 is a global event of the International Social Science Council and is hosted by the Human Sciences Research Council ( HSRC ) , South Africa, and the...
08-December-2015 to 09-December-2015

Pretoria / South Africa

This international event, entitled " Igniting conversations about science " is the first attempt to bring a large-scale public platform for debating the...
08-December-2016 to 09-December-2016

Pretoria / South Africa

This international event aims to bring a large-scale public platform for debating the science and society interface to Africa. It is an initiative of the South...
31-October-2016 to 04-November-2016

Cape Town / Pretoria / South Africa

The objective of this conference entitled " Value Creation in Ocean Space - New Opportunities in the Blue Economy " is to encourage closer collaboration...
13-March-2017 to 16-March-2017

Johannesburg / South Africa

Every year, the Congress attracts thousands of entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, policymakers and other startup champions from 160+ countries to identify...

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