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Malta is one of the more recent additions to the EUREKA network, having become a member in June 2006. The programme is hosted by Malta Enterprise, the national entity which provides assistance to locally based businesses, as well as companies interested in locating their operations in Malta.
The Malta Enterprise webpage may be accessed from www.maltaenterprise.com More specific information related to assistance towards local companies participating in Eureka / Eurostars projects may be downloaded from:
Malta Enterprise personnel can support Malta based companies wishing to embark on a EUREKA project in setting up the project and apply for co-financing. Projects in all sectors are supported, with project submissions being accepted throughout the year. Interested companies are urged to contact the National Project Coordinator to discuss their project, prior to submitting.


For more information on EUREKA in Malta contact

Malta Enterprise
Tel. +356 2542 3443

Ms. Brigitte Tanti
National Project Coordinator