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EUREKA Chairwoman Kristin Danielsen on Eurostars' importance for SMEs

date of publication > 22-April-2014

In a recent interview published on ScienceIBusiness, an online provider of news on science and innovation in Europe, EUREKA’s chairwoman Dr. Kristin Danielsen debriefed on Eurostars, a joint programme between ...

EIF prepares new assessment of SMEs access to finance and investment strategy 2014-2020

date of publication > 17-April-2014

The European Investment Fund, an agency of the European Union and a provider of risk finance to benefit SMEs across Europe, published this month its guidelines for assessing SME access to finance. Based on a previous ...

EU will offer €20M in prizes for innovators

date of publication > 16-April-2014

The European Commission is planning to offer 20 million in prizes for researchers to offer innovative solutions to specific problems. A first pilot prize has been awarded this year to a company having delivered solutions to store vaccines without ...

Eurostars approved as part of EU Innovation Investment package

date of publication > 15-April-2014

On the occasion of the last plenary sitting of the European Parliament before the European elections, the next phase of Eurostars under Horizon 2020 has received full endorsement from the members of the Parliament. ...

EUREKA, the European network for innovation is calling for projects to fund

date of publication > 14-April-2014

EUREKA launched a new call for technological innovation projects. National innovation and funding agencies from four European countries are taking part in the call; they are based in France, Germany, Spain and ...

Joint Swiss-Swedish open call for international research projects

date of publication > 10-April-2014

Sweden and Switzerland are jointly announcing a bilateral call for joint innovation projects under the EUREKA framework for transnational ...

EUREKA micro-electronics cluster CATRENE releases report on electronics in healthcare

date of publication > 10-April-2014

CATRENE is EUREKA’s industry-led initiative for semiconductor process technology, manufacturing and applications. In the frame of EUREKA’s platform for transnational R&D funding, CATRENE was initiated ...

Finnish ITEA 3 kick-off event held together with TEKES and DIGILE

date of publication > 07-April-2014

On March 26, a kick-off event for ITEA 3, the new mandate of the EUREKA software-tech cluster, was held at the DIGILE ...

EUREKA cluster ITEA quality management system officially ISO 9001 certified

date of publication > 07-April-2014

As of April 1, ITEA's quality management system meets the requirements of the standard ISO 9001:2008. This certification is part of the implementation of several improvements which were set for ITEA 3 offering an ...

EUREKA to take part in the debate on regional innovation at WIRE2014 conference

date of publication > 07-April-2014

Organised since 2010, the Week of Innovative Regions in Europe, or WIRE, is the occasion of a yearly conference on the topic of innovation-support policies at regional level. The ...