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EUREKA Clusters are strategic initiatives proposed and led by industry, developing generic technologies of key importance for European competitiveness. Clusters facilitate R&D and innovation projects on the basis of a broad industrial participation spanning large industry and SMEs as well as research institutions and other public or private organisation.

“A hint to SMEs keen to participate in Cluster projects: don’t be too shy. SMEs have their place inside such projects, which big players recognise.” Frederik Loeckx - CEO TRIPHASEE

EUREKA Clusters clearly reflect synergies where European industry, research and collaboration interests, innovation capacity and national funding opportunities meet.

Clusters are part of EUREKA and contribute to its major objective: to coordinate and foster private and public investment in cooperative industrial R&D&I in Europe, towards a sustainable European competitiveness



Over the last decades, national economies have seen major changes in relation to a more global and open market, as well as increased competition between regions (Europe, US, Asia/Pacific...). For companies, these evolutions have led to more opportunities (larger potential markets) but in a tougher and more competitive environment.

“To prove that our technology could work it was necessary to engage in cooperative research with the best in class European players in the field. This is what our project allowed.t Gerard Matheron - GROUP VP STMicroelectronic

The bottom-up approach and the flexibility embedded in EUREKA and in its Clusters allow industry to react quickly and efficiently to changing parameters; this approach is compatible with market change, so that innovation can always be at the leading edge, while still allowing for fast market deployment.

The EUREKA Clusters remains essential in order to:

  • accelerate the introduction of R&D&I results to the market;
  • share research and development costs and results;
  • provide access to other technologies and experts with complementary skills;
  • create a network for long term win-win collaboration

For more information please read our Cluster brochure: the EUREKA Clusters : Essential Instruments for Global Competitiveness

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CATRENE (2008-2016)
EURIPIDES² (2013-2020)
ITEA 3(2014-2022)
EUROGIA2020 (2013-2020)



CELTIC+(2011-2019) ACQUEAU (2010-2015)