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Sprayforming for production of efficient and resource conserving moulds for the plastics processing industry

The objective is the development of a novel technique based on sprayforming for a rapid and economic production of thin-wall moulds and tools for production of large-size plastic parts with a complex geometry. The tools will incorporate heating and cooling systems.

Status > FINISHED - 08-Feb-2013

Technological Area
2.2.2 / Coatings

Market Area
8.1.1 / Plastic fabricators

Start Date > 01-Jul-2009
End date > 01-Dec-2012

Duration > 41 Months
Actual cost > 2.95 M€

Participating countries > GERMANY, AUSTRIA

Main contact

EADS Deutschland GmbH Innovations Works
Willy-Messerschmitt-Strasse, 1
85521 -Ottobrunn > GERMANY
Tel. +49 89 607 0
Fax. +49 89 607 26481

Dipl. Ing. Dietrich P. Jonke > Manager Thermal Spraying


Organisation type > Large company