E+ aurora - light from invisible source

Project e+ aurora-the light from invisible source is about development of high quality innovative lighting fixtures with led light sources that resolve the problem of direct light by using unique optical solutions, while eliminating glare, improving colour rendering and reducing energy consumption.

Project E+ AURORA - light from invisible source is about development of high quality innovative lighting fixtures that would significantly increase technological and ecological standards in energy management in premises globally used for private, public and commercial purposes. The results of the project are new and unique lighting fixtures with LED light sources that resolve the problem of direct light by using the unique optical solutions. It should also eliminate glare and provide users with the comfort in the room. In addition, final product will be a background light platform on which could be applied infinite individual possibilities in the light source’s final appearance depending on the preferences and use of the space. Special innovation is that every cover of the final product developed on the platform of E+ AURORA luminaires will have the option of unique look or design solution and will offer endless possibilities for individualisation. By that, they will be significantly different compared to uniformed standard products in lighting. This will provide the active involvement of the creative industries in the field of design and materials, which will be able to design personalized final solutions for different spaces, and in line with users’ preferences. It is anticipated that E+ AURORA comes in three versions of the light sources as follows: - Preferred fixed light temperature in Kelvin (K); - Dynamic temperature range, 2,700 - 500 K, which is adjusted via remote control or monitors the time of the day simulating sunlight from sunrise to sunset; - RGB (Red Green Blue/additive light colour mixing models) source or selection of light in desired color. The elaboration of the concept of the new lighting was done by the Energy Plus Ltd.’s development team, in cooperation with a leading Austrian R&D grouping Bartenbach Holding GmbH and German partner EXSCITRION GmbH. During the one-year project, project partners will invest significant material, human and financial resources into development of E+ AURORA lighting fixtures with LED light sources, which will ensure the following: * TECHNOLOGICAL PROGRESS / INNOVATION - eliminating the effects of glare by using unique optical solutions, with the use of special lenses and power adapters that are the key components of the lighting fixtures’ innovativeness. * MULTIFUNCTIONALITY - possibility of wide use of solutions without disrupting the physical appearance of the premises due to the invisibility of the luminaries and possibility of complete integration of solutions in each area while achieving a completely new standard in illumination quality of premises for various purposes. * ENERGY EFFICIENCY - through increasing the efficiency of the lighting system by spending less energy while improving working conditions and life in equipped premises. * IMPROVING THE QUALITY OF WORK AND LIVING - considering that the light has a direct impact on the feeling of comfort and a quality of work, through better color rendering compared to existing LED solutions, implementation of E+ AURORA lighting fixtures will contribute to more accurate and better job performance. In addition, the existing outdated solutions implemented in public buildings such as educational and health institutions, facilities of public administration and general public use, non-residential buildings used for business including offices and commercial quarters, due to concentration of mercury and harmful gases and materials, have long-term negative effects on people residing in those premises which will be eliminated by using E+ AURORA solutions.
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11 144
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410 000.00€
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Lighting, illumination
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