Development of mva (modified vaccinia ankara virus) vectored cancer vaccines.

Development of anti-cancer vaccines. The technology
combines a promising tumour antigen with a powerful vaccine
vector to provide a specific immunotherapy.

Cancers are the most serious cause of morbidity and mortality in humans and companion animals. The suffering of humans and animals from malignant tumours of diverse types and origins is just as traumatic as painful to patients. INTERVET, a dedicated veterinary pharmaceutical company, proposes a project designed to develop anti-cancer vaccines for dogs and cats. The project will be implemented in collaboration with OXFORD BIOMEDICA, a biotechnological company in Oxford which intends to develop an immunotherapy for human use. The proposed programme pulls together the technological know-how and intellectual properties of both partners in an anticancer approach that combines a promising tumour- associated antigen (TAA) with a state-of-the-art vector technology. In this approach, mouse, canine and feline genes encoding the TAA (OBA1 Ag) will be cloned into and expressed from the vector, MVA (modified vaccinia Ankara virus). Immunization of the animals with the live, recombinant vaccine is expected to elicit immune responses appropriate for suppressing and/or controlling the multiplication of neoplastic cells. Indeed, several model experiments using various antigens have provided the proof of principle for such an approach. OBA1 is an oncofoetal antigen, almost ubiquitously expressed on the surface of neoplastic cells. In human colorectal cancers, the level of OBA1 Ag expression was shown to be associated with the prognosis of malignancy. MVA is one of the most versatile viral vectors available today. As a replication-defective virus, the MVA possesses a number of outstanding features as a vaccine vector. It has a proven track record of safety and has been used in the successful eradication of smallpox throughout the world. The primary aim of the project is to develop MVA-based vaccines for cancer immunotherapy. The same vaccines may also prove to be efficacious as prophylactic vaccines. Keywords: cancer, vaccines, immunotherapy.
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5 390 000.00€
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Virus, Virology, Vaccines/ Antiobiotics / Bacteriology
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