The aim is to creates a network of regional technology
centres which focus on promoting dissemination, technology
transfer and innovation in information and communication
technologies for engineering and manufacturing.

The project proposes to establish a Europe-wide Network of Regional Technology Centres (RTC) which have a commitment to the awareness, dissemination and transfer of Information and Communication Technologies in the Engineering and Manufacturing Sector, by encouraging and stimulating active collaboration between the RTCs, each Industrial community and especially SMEs. EUREKA-POWER will also collaborate with the E-POWER established under the EU IST Programme in joint activities, Special Interest Groups, two Conferences and access the Information Portal of Knowledge Base of ICT in Engineering and Manufacturing. EUREKA-POWER will have the following: * Establish a regional or national network of RTCs to support the EUREKA FACTORY umbrella programme. * Implement a network website for the EUREKA FACTORY programme and integrate it with the E-POWER portal. * Within each Region identify and implement a Programme of Special Interest Groups, Workshops and participate in joint conferences with E-POWER. * Develop a suite of documentation on the Region and its industry to define the state of the art of ICT in the engineering and manufacturing sector in the Region The theme for the Network workprogramme will be 'enabling inter-organisational relationships with the customer, supplier and factory'. EUREKA-POWER will be managed by a Steering Group representing each country in the Network. Keywords: engineering ICT, manufacturing ICT, regional network.
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2 725
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600 000.00€
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Archivistics/Documentation/Technical Documentation
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Raising the productivity and competitiveness of European businesses through technology. Boosting national economies on the international market, and strengthening the basis for sustainable prosperity and employment.