Walking without frontiers

Cross-border position offering a world of experience for
walkers in the regions of woerthersee and rosental
(kaernten) and gorenjska/bled (slovenia).

Destination management is a key topic in tourism, behind which is a process of change, which is confronting the tourist industry. Increasing international competitive pressure and also the growing demands of multi-optional visitors are especially characteristic of the current general environment. This initial situation primarily involves rethinking, with a view to mobilising available natural resources. Only a few tourism operations are in a position to provide their visitors with a range of tailor-made experiences. It is necessary to work together in order to draw attention on the market. 'Walking without frontiers' constitutes an adventure- oriented walking product available to visitors as an all- inclusive service. The project aims to develop 20-25 topic-oriented tours, taking in the regions of Woerthersee - Rosental-Gorenjska/Bled. Suppliers from the three regions will market the products jointly. The broad range of walking routes already in existence will be combined and appropriate components will be added to enhance the experience. Cross-border measures involving product development, marketing and sales will be needed for targeted project implementation. There will be co-operation with the partners in SLOVENIA, so that a cross-border partnership is organised and established. The hotel establishments in the regions have the opportunity to introduce themselves in the joint, multilingual topical list, at a small charge. The provision of additional services is also being developed (e.g. shuttle service to the places of departure). A central organisational office is being set up on the Woerthersee, with a branch in Bled. This office will be responsible for co-ordination of the operations involved, for handling tours and for logistics aspects. Keywords: tourism, electronic card, transfer.
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2 744
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870 000.00€
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E-Publishing, Digital Content
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