Two wheels optimization

Development of know-how for innovative vehicles with high safety and ecocompatibility levels.

The great development of the motorbike market from the point of view of the vehicle, which is the framework, body, suspensions and equipment, needs a great effort in terms of acquisition of knowledge and skills regarding the critical factors: drivability, safety, performance and energy-saving. This research is based on the need to develop innovative solutions to make displacement motorbikes attractive due to additional skills. One of the main issues is safety, both active and passive, to protect the users and, according to European Law, to limit the damages related to road accidents. The aforesaid goals should be developed keeping under control the costs. In fact the motorcycle market is a global market and we need to save the competitiveness. Considering the above-mentioned ambitious objectives and the selective demands of the market, we need to manage the cooperation of the best European resources in each sector involved, aiming to study and develop new generations of highly innovative vehicles. The main issues can be summarised as follow: - rational optimisation of material use - improvement of the active and passive safety conditions - improvement of the drivability - improvement of the comfort (new user-friendly solutions, vibration reduction). In order to develop these new generations of vehicles, new methodologies will be implemented and a transversal know-how will be applied to the target applications. This project will propose highly competitive solutions towards the Japanese and the Asiatic countries proposal, reinforcing the Italian and European leaderships in the world motorbike field and anticipating the rising strictness of laws. In order to achieve these ambitious goals, it will be necessary to acquire and develop new competencies concerning different aspects such as materials, vibrations, simulation software, quantification methods, ergonomics, noise, interactions engine-vehicle and vehicle-pilot, etc. Furthermore, there will be the development and application of new methodologies in order to fulfil, later on, highly-technological vehicle solutions. Keywords: environment, safety, user friendly.
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2 790
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34 930 000.00€
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Road Vehicles technology
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