Location and time-sensitive personalised advertising to mobile users

Design and implementation of an open and secure infrastructure to deliver a personalised promotion of products and services to mobile users in a location and time-context sensitive service.

M-PROMOTE pertains to the design and implementation of an open and secure infrastructure that leverages Mobile Internet technology (i.e. mobile phones or devices with Internet connectivity) in order to deliver an m-Promotion service which is location and time context sensitive and delivers a personalised promotion of products and services to mobile users. The m-Promotion service fosters the development of an innovative, yet effective, business model where all the actors, such as telecom operators, application service providers, geo-data providers and aggregators as well as advertising organisations and merchants, co-operate with the aim of delivering promotional content which is attractive and beneficial to the end user. The content is selected using pattern matching techniques, based on the time of being, the consumer's profile lifestyle and preferences, the customer's location and his/ her proximity to the point of sales. The promoted offer will include a unique reference number, offering an attractive discount, which is valid for a limited time period (thereby motivating the consumer to use the m-Promotion service). Vital to the M-PROMOTE infrastructure and the M-PROMOTE service will be the Mobile Location Based Service (MLBS) technology. Other innovative technologies that will be used include: * GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) and UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System) mobile carrier technology, and the associated networking infrastructures and application interfaces; * UIML (User Interface Markup Language) for promotion content construction and dissemination and to decouple the actual data from the application logic and the presentation. The aim is to provide a User Interface (UI) which is independent from the UI rendering application (e.g. WEB browser, JAVA application, handset browser, VoiceXML devices, etc.) and the end user equipment (e.g. mobile phone, PDA (Personal Digital Assistant), other future handset devices). * EMS (Enhanced Messaging System) and MMS (Multimedia Messaging System) - successors of SMS (Short Messaging Service)- for delivering promotion content as rich/ multimedia messages. The major project objectives include: * Develop open and secure infrastructure to support m-Promotion services. * Integrate context sensitive (time, location, consumer profile and preferences) techniques with 2.5/3G advanced mobile technologies, to implement an m-Promotion service, capable of: 1. Maintaining and managing subscriber's profile, point of sales and product data; 2. Performing dynamic pattern match between subscriber's profile and product/ point of sales data, taking into account relevant location and time factors, with the aim of formulating and real-time delivery of personalised promotion content; 3. Dynamical construction and delivery, along with the promotion content and upon subscriber request, travel guidance in the form of an area map with the locations of interest highlighted. * Defining a new business model and delivering direct personalised product promotions to mobile users, paying full respect to user privacy and ethical issues (e.g. only delivering to customers who chose to use the service, allowing them to have full control over the flow of messages). The above objectives are expected to be fulfilled through the organisation of the project in the following Work Packages (WPs) and Tasks: WP1 "Project Management & Exploitation": Task 1.1 "Project administrative & technical management", Task 1.2 "Exploitation of project results" WP2 "User needs & technology assessment": Task 2.1 "Analysis of user needs", Task 2.2 "Technology assessment" WP3 "Content Acquisition": Task 3.1 "Data Acquisition", Task 3.2 "Data Aggregation" WP4 "Service Definition": Task 4.1 "Functional & Non Functional Specifications", Task 4.2 "Platform Architecture", Task 4.3 "Platform & Service Design" WP5 "Service Development": Task5.1 "Database Development", Task5.2 "Integration Discipline", Task5.3 "Development of the Platform & Service Components", Task5.4 "Platform & Service Integration", Task5.5 "Platform & Service Documentation" WP6 "Testing": Task 6.1 "Load of local promotion data", Task 6.2 "Platform & Service Testing & evaluation" The project relates to the following Key Actions (KA) of the IST European program: * CPA 14 "Mobile Applications & Services" * KA III.1.1 "Publishing Digital Content" * KA II "New methods of work and e-commerce". Keywords: location services, promotion, wireless technologies.
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2 873
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1 220 000.00€
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Mobile Communications
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Advertising and public relations

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