Multi interactive virtual platform for on-line teaching

Development of a technology to integrate all agents involved in online training processes in an agile, fast and real time manner.

The objective of this project is to develop a technology that enables the on-line integration of all the agents involved in training processes, in a way that is agile, fast and in real time. In this sense, the main objective is to be able to simulate a live instruction or training process in an on-line virtual environment, providing all the necessary conditions that will ensure a quality training process. The specific objectives of this project can be summarised as follows: 1 - Development of the EMTR (Multi Interactive Environment in Real Time) with all its applications, with two fundamental objectives: 1.1 - To enable the simulation of live instruction in a virtual environment, bearing a high resemblance to reality. 1.2 - To facilitate distance, real-time intercommunication among the agents involved in the process, enabling interaction and information exchange using different means. 2 - Incorporation of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology in EMTR. 3 - Development of MISTP (Multi Interactive Services Transfer Protocol), which is an advanced communication protocol that will communicate the EMTR application layer with the rest of the technologies included in the project. Not only current technologies will be taken into account in the MISTP design, but also the possible evolution these may experience, as well as the coming into age of the new base technologies that could be incorporated into the project. 4 - Integration of EMTR with TIP (Tele-learning Integrated Platform), to enhance the possibilities it has for distance instruction. 5 - Development of a Platform that incorporates all current technologies at our disposal, with a certain degree of maturity, in an integrated way and with a specific design for e-learning. The objective of the programme is to develop a Multi-interactive Environment in Real Time (EMTR) that will enable the different agents involved in the instruction or training process to communicate on-line and in real time in a multimedia environment which, in turn, will facilitate communication by different data types such as voice, texts, graphics and images. The main characteristics of the project are the following: - Distance: this environment enables distance communication via the Internet. - Interactive: the EMTR will enable not only communication among the agents involved but also the interaction of these in the same virtual environment. - In real time: communication will take place in real time, enabling users to have immediate feedback on actions executed in the Shared Virtual Interactive Environment (SVIE) and the messages sent through the channel. - Multi-users: this environment will enable communication between two or more users taking into account both vertical and horizontal communication topologies. - Multimedia: the EMTR will enable communication using different data types (voice, texts, graphics and images) so that live communication is simulated as realistically as possible. The envisaged duration of this project is 25 months. Keywords: e-learning, languages, multimedia.
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