Internet-intranet hotel management system with fully integrated multimedia communications

Development of a new fully integrated multimedia communication technology to connect all relevant people (travel agent, hotel administrator and customer) when booking a hotel room or holiday.

The project will develop the technological platform required to create a fully integrated value chain through Intranet/Extranet. A value chain is created when a customer accesses via a computer with a browser and an access control, directly making a reservation of the service. The Marketing and Sales Department of the Group will be in charge of providing information and meeting the needs of the client, defining the offers, creating the travel packs in a coordinated way with the tour operator and dealing with any issues concerning clients via the Website. The moment the customer introduces his/her reservation request to the Website, the system automatically carries out a check on accommodation and availability, and confirms the final price of the service when generating the reservation number. Based on the services requested by the customer in his/her reservation, a mid-term preview is done, as well as a short-term schedule of the requirements for the service (accommodation, food, extras). Keywords: multimedia, Internet, hotel.
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3 014
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1 800 000.00€
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Internet Technologies
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