Open service panelboard initiative

Combining the electrical network, building control network and telephone network in buildings within a single panel in such a way that it can be connected and commissioned by an electrician at a low cost and with safe results.

RATIONALE OF THE PROJECT With the evolution of communication technologies and the growing trend for remote control, monitoring and energy management, the electrical distribution inside buildings is now combined with the internal and external communication systems. In fact electrical panels are increasingly being connected to the electrical network, to the building control network and also to the telephone network. The project aims to combine these technologies within a single panel in such a way that it can be connected and commissioned by an electrician at a low cost and with safe results. Particular effort will be made to ensure easy commissioning. BASIC IDEA In GERMANY, the EIB / KNX offer for building automation is largely developed. The offer is well adapted to the German market and practises. To tackle with the same standard (KNX) the south European markets, the offer has to be adapted to the existing practises where the predominance of small electrical installers is fundamental. Based on existing German products, the first IDEA guiding the project is to create a new range of product cheaper and easier to be installed by electricians. The second IDEA is to adapt for the same installers the necessary functionalities for a complete set of Building management system including teleservices organisation. SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC, the world leader in the field, is willing to market such a product under its controlled brands. To achieve this goal, the product has to be adapted: 1. To all functionalities marketed by SCHNEIDER. 2. To the different country markets (mainly Europe and Asia). 3. To the new emerging needs regarding remote monitoring and energy management with regards to NTIC. 4. To the cognitive knowledge of electrical installers. The first solution was to mix the HENSEL ModulBus range of products for panel board installation with a service infrastructure platform developed in the SIRLAN IST 1999-12295 project. The technologies developed by the consortium SIRLAN are now supported by the new company SIRLAN TECHNOLOGIES. After further studies, the ModulBus solution had to be left and replaced by a more classical range of products developed by the MERTEN COMPANY. Keywords: switchboard, control, communication.
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3 134
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5 560 000.00€
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Energy management
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Display panels

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