Fast computer aided synthesis and design of microwave filters and multiplexers

Development of new, innovative software tools for rapid design of microwave filters and multiplexers that will drastically reduce the time required for development of products for wireless and satellite communication markets.

The project aims at the development of software tools for fast and mostly automated design of filters and multiplexers used in modern wireless and satellite communication systems. Filters and multiplexers are one of the most important components of these systems allowing many users and operators to use (or provide) wireless services in the same area. At the same time they are expensive to manufacture and difficult or even impossible to design without taking into account all the physical effects. Therefore the companies providing telecommunication equipment require efficient software tools for design. The state-of-the-art software packages can assist this design by combining the physics (electromagnetic) based simulations with optimisation. Unfortunately, due to high complexity of the filters and multiplexers electromagnetic modelling is time consuming and the optimisation involves repetitive simulations before the desired solution is reached. Moreover, the optimisation often fails to converge unless the initial design is not very far from the final solution. As a result, a typical design cycle may be several months. In this context the objective of this project is to develop a new set of commercial tools that would radically cut the length of the design cycle of filters and multiplexers and automate the process as much as possible. The tool will be jointly developed by two partners one from POLAND (GDANSK UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY - Center of Excellence WiComm - Wireless System Engineering) and one from GERMANY (SME MICIAN GMBH from Bremen). The tools will be based on GUI (Graphics User Interface) and a computational engine of the industry accepted CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software (Microwave Wizard) developed by the German company, enhanced by innovative design and optimisation technologies invented at GDANSK UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY. These technologies involve: * a new approach to the rapid synthesis of the electrical filter prototypes; * a new technique for mapping the electrical prototype onto the initial physical filter structure; * accelerated optimisation employing rational models combined with quadratic programming. These technologies shall be integrated with Microwave Wizard and available to the users from GUI. Combined with the speed and robustness of the Microwave Wizard simulation engine they will allow the end users to radically reduce the development cost. The tool will be implemented in the form of user friendly software modules offering the following functionality: - Electrical synthesis module: synthesis of the coupling matrix for generalised Chebyshev filters for arbitrary coupled resonator topologies. Arbitrary filter order, source-load coupling and complex transmissions' zero placements will be allowed. - Rapid dimension synthesis modules: initial synthesis of filter dimensions for selected categories of filters for which the existing approximate design procedures are unsatisfactory. The module will use the mathematical model libraries developed by WICOMM CENTER OF EXCELLENCE and the range of the filter structures that can be designed by means of this module will grow as the model library expands. Microwave Wizard will be used to compute the data for the models. The rapid dimension synthesis tool will be developed in many versions for different filter topologies used in wireless communication systems. - Fast numerical tuning modules: reaching the design goals through optimisations involving very few simulation steps involving Microwave Wizard. Variants tailored to specific topologies will be developed. The modules will enable the filter designer in the industry to drastically reduce the development time. It is expected that for some structures the complete design cycle will be reduced from weeks to hours.
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5 071
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Project costs: 
930 000.00€
Technological Area: 
High Frequency Technology, Microwaves
Market Area: 
Microwave and satellite components (including antennae and amplifiers)

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