Development of an expert system for safety and reliability analysis of industrial systems

Expert system for automatic calculation and presentation of
fmea and fault tree analysis, status graphs and petri nets
for safety and reliability analysis for industrial sub-
assemblies, operating systems/complex industrial procedures

1. Objectives: (a) To develop Expert Systems (or Intelligent Knowledge Based Systems) for predictive studies and operational follow up for Safety, Availability, Reliability and Maintainability analysis of industrial systems, products or processes. The aim is to produce automatic calculation and presentation of Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA), Fault Trees, Status Graphs and Petri Nets during the design phase, and carrying on from this, to establish diagnosis strategies for the purpose of maintenance, safety or reconfiguration. (b) To incorporate in the Expert Systems the most up-to-date user-friendly computer facilities to enable non-specialists to use the system efficiently. (c) To package the Expert Systems as products for sale, both within the European Community and elsewhere around the world. 2. Background: CONTROLE ET PREVENTION (CEP) has already developed 2 prototypes, for the field of handling cranes, to demonstrate the success of this approach and the validity of the objectives: FIABEX 1 - EM, which performs FMECA and generates Fault Trees, and FIABEX 2 - EM, which establishes diagnostic strategies from the FMECA and Fault Trees.
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5 000 000.00€
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