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"Higher, Faster and Stronger – Eurostars, a vision for Europe's most innovative SMES"

Oct 30, 2013 to Oct 30, 2013
Brussels (Management Centre Europe) / Belgium

Under the auspice of the incoming Norwegian EUREKA Chairmanship and the EUREKA Secretariat, the [Even] Higher, Faster and Stronger – Eurostars, a vision for Europe’s most innovative SMEs event will debate on the political, industrial and technical dimensions of the future Eurostars Programme.
Participants will have the opportunity to listen and to interact with experts on the Eurostars Programme and European support for SMEs that perform R&D.


Following the success of the original Eurostars Programme, its successor Eurostars 2, is the only European funding programme specifically dedicated to R&D-intensive SMEs, with the strong participation of 33 EUREKA member countries. It is also supported by the European Commission as part of Horizon 2020, as shown in its recent roadmap for the continuation of the Eurostars Programme.  The success of the programme has also built on EUREKA’s intrinsic strength in the sector - making a real contribution to the integration in national programmes of instruments for R&D SMEs and giving this important business sector a concrete role in the European Research Area. As success stories such as Makin’It and I-STAR demonstrate, Eurostars has helped young companies, previously considered as a ‘high-risk option’ by investors, to be attractive to private investors.

Leading policy makers, industry representatives and successful entrepreneurs will discuss how the next phase of Eurostars will complement existing EU initiatives, intended to support SMEs conducting research. Please see below a draft agenda:

[Even] Higher, Faster and Stronger – Eurostars, a vision for Europe’s most innovative SMES?
Brussels, Wednesday 30 October 2013,
Management Centre Europe

14.00 – Coffee and registration

14.30 – Official Welcome: Kristin Danielsen, High Level Group Chairperson

    Pedro de Sampaio Nunes, Head of EUREKA Secretariat,

14.35 – Robert Jan Smits, Director General, European Commission, DG Research and Innovation

14:50 – Monica Mæland, The Norwegian Minister of Trade and Industry

15.05 – SMEs as innovation leaders, the view from industry

Hugh-Morgan Williams OBE, Chair of BUSINESSEUROPE's Entrepreneurship & SME and Chairman of Canford Group plc

15.15 – Coffee break

15.30 – Panel Debate: Fostering innovative SMEs in international cooperation

Ø  Gunnar Matthiesen, Project Officer – Business Services, Executive Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation

Ø  Paul Rubig, Member of the European Parliament

Ø  Kristin Danielsen, Norwegian EUREKA Chairperson, International Director, Research Council of Norway

Ø  Monica Mæland, The Norwegian Minister of Trade and Industry

Ø  Patrick Alexandre, Chief Executive Officer, CrossJect, partner ofthe I-STAR project  

Ø  Moderator, Geoff Meade, British journalist

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