Success stories

With its bottom-up approach, EUREKA supports the development of rapidly marketable innovative products, processes and services that help improve the daily life of everyday people. The commercialisation of the innovative products, processes and services from hundreds of successfully completed projects have added billions of euro to national economies.

Here is a selection of our best innovative R&D projects.

Construction workers building a high rise

Civil engineering
A German engineering firm and spin-off of the University of Karlsruhe has teamed up with the Technical University of Dresden and a Greek software company to develop an innovative and commercially viable code that simulates the results of wind-induced loads on high-rises.

Food Microbiology / Toxicology / Quality Control
In 2006, Maria Otilia Carvalho, a researcher from the Tropical Research Institute of Portugal had an ambitious goal: to cut the huge losses of rice – a staple...

Information Processing, Information System
And it’s not just the old classics that are selling. Many European countries have dynamic businesses that invent and sell dozens of new board games and new...

EUREKA Project E! 2408 on Arctic Tourism set out to study the possibilities for sustainable tourism which will not threaten the delicate ecosystem. Four widely...

Credit card fraud is one of the fastest growing crimes costing French banks over 41 million euro last year. The crime figures remain high despite progress...

With the next generation of microchips boosting the performance of everyday items from mobile phones to food processors, companies are clearly not running out...

The explosion of broadcasting via TV, DVD and Broadband Internet has created a hunger for content that can only be satisfied by raiding the film archives...

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